Roulette Terms

  • An action refers to how much money is bet over a certain time. This is used on judging comps.
  • A cage is a room or booth where the cashier of the casino resides. This is where you can get chips in exchange for cash and vice versa, as well as cash out coins. The term "cage" comes about because the place is normally enclosed with bars.
  • Capping bets means illegally putting more chips into bets that have already won.
  • Money Management refers to the methods that players use to save their bankrolls from ultimate destruction.
  • Money Plays are the calls that tell the pit and the dealer that your bets are made with cash instead of chips.
  • Mucker can be anybody who puts sleight-of-hand tactics to use in order to cheat.
  • Negative Progression is a betting system where bets are increased after each loss.
  • Nickels refer to red chips worth $5.
  • No Action is a call that dealer makes when the casino refuses to cover a certain bet. It is also used for certain decisions or spins that do not count.
  • Odd Bets are bets made on odd numbers.
  • Odds refer to the chances of something happening.
  • Parlay means doubling a bet after each win.
  • Player-Clocking means watching for winning players and copying their patterns of betting.
  • Positive Progression is a betting system where bets are increased after each win.
  • Quarters are green chips with a value of $25.
  • Rating means evaluating the actions of the player for comps.
  • Shills are people employed by casinos who play underplayed games.
  • Split Bets are single bets on two numbers hitting.
  • Square Bets are the same as corner bets and quarter bets.
  • Table Hopping refers to moving from one casino table to the next.
  • Trio Bets are street bets.
  • True Odds are the actual chances of events happening.
  • Vic is a short word for victim and also refers to a sucker.
  • Wager is just another word for bet.

French Roulette Terms

  • Cheval is a French word for split bets.
  • Carre is a French word for corner bets.
  • Noir is a French word for black bets.
  • Pair is a French word for even bets.
  • Passe is a French word for high bets.

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