What is Cryptologic?

Cryptologic refers to a company based in Toronto that provides downloadable casino software on the Internet. Founded in the year 1995, the company put their very first online casino out in 1996, becoming the very first to offer up multi-player games by 1998. In various casinos, players might earn deposit bonuses per month, cash-back incentives and random prizes with them.

Cryptologic casinos have Cashback Clubs, too, which means that, for every $10 that you bet, points can be earned. The amount of points that you get will depend on which games that you play. To find out what the overall cash-back rate is, just divide your earned comp points for every $10 bet by 1000.

The Different Games

For blackjack, the cards are shuffled after each hand and the player might double down on any first cards.

Pontoon should never be mixed up with the Australian version. Instead, this blackjack variation can be found in casinos by Cryptologic, Real Time and Playtech. Cryptologic puts eight decks to use, the dealer hits on soft 17s, and pays for pontoons after splitting two aces for 2:1. Basically, the rules of Real Time and Cryptologic are exactly the same and both have a house advantage of 0.38%.

As for roulette, there are three versions. American roulette has two zeros with a house advantage of 2.63% when it comes to even money and 5.26% for any other ones. European roulette only has one zero and if the white ball falls onto it, even bets will lose the whole amount. The house advantage stands at 2.7% on every bet.

Solitaire comes in two versions. For "Draw One", players draw a single card every time and are only allowed to run through everything once. For "Draw Three", players draw three cards and are allowed to run through everything three times.

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