Playtech is a successful mixture of developments in technology that focuses on clients (casino players and online licensees) and insight on real-world business. Because of this, Playtech software has gained a reputation as one of the top companies in the online gambling industry.

Additionally, Playtech is seen as a technological innovator. Its network consists of hundreds of licensees of online casinos, while providing existing companies with plenty of upgrade options. Some of the Playtech casinos' features include the ability to track transactions and playing history, casino games with live dealers, customer service live chats, and computer rewards programs.

The Gaming Features

The Playtech software offers up to 170 different casino games online. This number continues to grow due to the constant launches of new games, though, which are all presented in incredible 3D graphics technology. A lot of them even have story lines and video introductions, and are played both for fun and for actual money. You can also play the games on a Flash platform.

You also have the option to play bonus games either in auto play or on multi-player tables. You can even chat with dealers and the other players by using the chat interface, or play while facing some live dealers. Additionally, other players are able to join private group tables.

Other features of the Playtech software include customization options, including sounds and speed control, the ability to determine card sizes, and plenty more. Some consider the biggest highlight to be the Playtech network of progressive jackpots, though.

The Different Networks

Casino games aside, Playtech also offers plenty more. For example, Playtech's iPoker Network has proven to be a huge success. In fact, it is now considered as the world's biggest poker network. In Playtech Poker, the rooms can be customized into one-of-a-kind poker brands. Playtech also uses a very advanced management system known as IMS to support its many clients. It also offers a variety of bonuses, promotions, and a twenty-four hour online support.

Playtech has also created a Bingo Network for their clients of online bingo - one of the most commonly played community games out there. In this network, operators can use good quality audio and graphics to customize their bingo brand and make it all the more unique. In Playtech's bingo halls, players will also find multiple rooms with a large variety of games, scratch cards, and chat rooms in them.

Playtech was created in the British Virgin Isles. The Playtech software was first introduced online in 1999 and by March of 2006, Playtech became a publicly traded and popular company and has even played a very significant role in legitimizing the online gambling industry.

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