How to Play Crypto Roulette and Win

If you are fond of Roulette games and want to try the good old wheel entertainment in a brand new format, crypto Roulette will be a brilliant alternative. Playing the beloved game online with cryptocurrency is not only highly captivating but profit-making too.

Of course, the foremost nuance is to know where to play. The casino choice matters a lot in this regard. How to pick out a trusted gambling platform, and what strategies are better to implement to win in crypto Roulette? You’ll find the answers to these burning questions below.

What is Crypto Roulette?

When players first found out about the possibility to play Roulette with BTC and other altcoins, they barely understood how it works for real. Luckily, present-day gamblers are mainly familiar with BTC gambling. Crypto Roulette covers all the spectrum of Roulette game variations that you play in online casinos with cryptocurrency.

The peculiarity of crypto Roulette is that you make bets, win, and cash out your earnings in digital currencies. It can be the world’s top cryptocurrency Bitcoin or alternative virtual coins, such as LTC, ETH, and DOGE. You may relish gameplay on PC or spin the Roulette wheel on the go via mobile devices.

Advantages of Online Crypto Roulette

Fantastic Bitcoin winnings that you can potentially make in crypto Roulette are not the only merits of this sort of entertainment. BTC gambling stands out for several reasons. The primary one is totally secure and anonymous play. The matter is that when you gamble with cryptocurrency, you keep your pastime private from banks and authorities. How much you win or lose will not be reflected in any bank or credit card statements.

Other Bitcoin casino Roulette benefits are zero fees. Players don’t pay draconian charges when cashing out their winnings like they do with fiat banknotes. Of course, some online venues may grab a commission for these actions. Thus, select a site mindfully. On this Bitcoin casino platform, players shouldn’t be afraid of irrational levies. All winnings you make in crypto Roulette are fee-free. Plus, the advantage of BTC payouts is lightning speed. Ten minutes and Bitcoins come to your digital wallet.

You may play Roulette with BTC for free via demo simulators. Demo versions work awesome when you need to boost your proficiency. You may even gamble live Bitcoin roulette with real croupiers online. It is like playing at the physical casino, only better. You don’t need to go anywhere and line up to the table to place a bet. Finally, what distinguishes crypto Roulette from other sister games are Bitcoin casino bonuses. Playing with BTC perks doubles your chances to finish the game with pockets full of money.

Rules in Traditional and Crypto Roulette

What one should know is that rules and gameplay in traditional and crypto Roulette don’t differ. The distinction is only the payment method – fiat or cryptocurrency. Rules vary only depending on a particular version.

The online Roulette game starts with a player competing against the house, i.e., a dealer. The wheel in Roulette consists of colored and numbered pockets. The number of pockets varies in European and American versions: 37 vs. 38. A player makes a bet, trying to predict a pocket where the ball will land.

The ball always stops randomly due to the Random Number Generator algorithm. RNG shows that a casino can’t influence the ball position and cheat a player. The Provably Fair Bitcoin Roulette works by a similar principle. It ensures that third parties can’t impact the wheel rotation and the ball landing.

Popular Online Roulette Game Strategies

There are many different online Roulette game strategies. Some of them are indeed effective and will help you make epic wins. Others only promise to make you a guru, but they are not efficient at all. In general, all strategies in Bitcoin Roulette can be categorized into progressive and non-progressive.

  • Progressive betting stands for increasing a stake even in case of failures.
  • Non-progressive betting stands for stable gameplay without risky moves.

If you plan to master crypto Roulette like a pro, you should be familiar with the following betting tactics:

  • Martingale: This system belongs to the progressive betting category. The principle is to increase a bet after every losing round.
  • James Bond: This strategy relates to non-progressive betting. The idea is to cover more possible outcomes with multiple bets.
  • Fibonacci: This technique works well for players who don’t like to play aggressively. The Fibonacci sequence of numbers gives a 50% confidence that a stake will win.
  • Grand Martingale: It is a prototype of the classic Martingale system. The difference is that a player doubles a stake and adds the amount of the initial bet.
  • D’Alembert: This tactic means increasing a bet after a failure by one in the next round. In case of victory, a player multiplies a bet.
  • All-in betting strategy: The strategy name says for itself. You put all the money on a stake. This tactic definitely guarantees the adrenaline rush.

Variations of Bitcoin Roulette Games

Bitcoin Roulette comes in numerous variations. Such diversity is beneficial for online players, as everyone will easily find a game to his/her liking among such options as:

  • American
  • French
  • European
  • Zoom Roulette
  • Mini Roulette
  • Multi Wheel
  • Live Roulette

The most trending among online players are American and European versions. As mentioned earlier, the difference between these games is the number of pockets. Also, the American wheel has two zeros, while the European wheel has only one. The double-zero wheel in American Roulette with Bitcoin doubles the house edge. Thus, if you are a beginner and don’t want to risk your money, it is better to start with the European version.

Final Thoughts: How to Succeed in Crypto Gambling

Crypto gambling gives multiple merits to online Roulette fans. Safe and anonymous bets, generous Bitcoin casino bonuses, swift money-outs, zero fees – all this speaks in favor of crypto Roulette. The golden rule to succeed in this niche is to gamble wisely and manage your bankroll. Don’t start playing when you are in low spirits. Concentration, strategy, and a cool head will help you win.

If you adore online Bitcoin Roulette, you may try other table games with cryptocurrency on this site Crypto Poker, Baccarat, and Live Blackjack are favorites among online players.

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