Roulette Games That Satisfy Every Player

There isn't any casino that hasn't got roulette as it is one of the earliest and the most played game. Among roulettes European one is the most popular. There are 37 numbers, one 0 and the house edge is 2.57%. In the long run the gambler can receive $97.43 from $100.

American Roulette is also very wide spread version of roulette. It has 38 numbers, 0 and 00. The house edge is 5.26% and the player is able to receive $94.74 from $100. That's why it is less profitable for the gambler. These are the main types of roulette but there exist a lot of other games that use roulette wheel.

Variations of roulette games

There is a variation of roulette game with a smaller house edge. It is called French Roulette and it has almost the same structure as European Roulette but it has a unique rule called "La Partage". It means that if 0 is called all money placed on even are returned to the gambler. Thanks to this rule the house edge equals 1.35%. It is less profitable for the casinos so only few of them propose French Roulette. Famous casinos that have French Roulette are William Hill Casino, Wild Jack Gaming, Spin Palace Casino and Ladbrokes Casino.

Mini Roulette and Microgaming Roulette Royal

Mini Roulette is the other variant of roulette which some casinos can offer. There 13 numbers, 0 but the house edge is 7.69%. In order to indemnify this some casinos may propose bonuses. Still it's not the best type of roulette to win a lot.

Another version of roulette that is worse mentioning is Microgaming Roulette Royal. There is a $1 mandatory side bet that is a progressive jackpot. The house edge is high but the jackpot may reach $660000 so this variation may satisfy very excitable players.

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