Le Multicolore

What is Le Multicolore?

Le Multicolore refers to a French mixture of billiard and roulette. It actually isn't a strange or complicated game. In fact, it is extremely easy to play.

In France, it is sometimes known as "the people's roulette". It is a very popular game in France, and sometimes it is even considered to be of similar value to an actual roulette game. Le Multicolore is a pleasant combination of billiards and classic roulette.

But what exactly is Le Multicolore? In a nutshell, it's a huge table and it has a circular disc at one end. There are 25 cups on the wheel, all the same in size. The name of the game comes from the fact that there are a lot of colors involved, namely 6 yellow cups, 6 red cups, 6 white cups, and 1 blue cup.

Each of the cups has its own number. Let's take the red color for instance. One of the cups has '4' on it, 3 cups have '3' on them, and 2 of them have the number '2' on them. This is exactly the same for each color, with the exception of the blue cup, which has '24' on it. The numbers represent the points that the players are going to win.

So, how exactly do you know which number wins? Well, the dealer begins by striking the ball onto a rail by using the cue stick. The ball will then go through a cloth, onto the ramp, until it eventually goes inside the wheel before finally landing in a cup. The number on that cup is the number than wins. Payoff is then paid based on the cups' numbers.

The History of Le Multicolore

It was Raymond Poincare's idea to introduce everybody to the game of Le Multicolore. He wanted something else to take the places of roulette and billiards and because of this, Le Multicolore was born. Instead of 30-something cups, there are merely 25. Furthermore, instead of having two colors, it has five. It is also a fair game because if you end up betting on a color in which the 0 comes up, you end up losing the bet.

It is not recommended to use an actual roulette table, though, because it can prove to be very difficult to adjust for Le Multicolore. Therefore, if you are interested, you can either enjoy Le Multicolore in France or you can simply buy it so you can enjoy it in the comforts of your own home.

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