Big Six Wheel


Big Six Wheel refers to a game based on chance. In order to play it, a big vertical spinning wheel is put to use.

The Rules

The wheel used in this game is separated into equal segments that are divided by pins or spokes. Each of the segments are associated with different numbers. The dealer starts the game by spinning the wheel. A pointer, which is mounted on either leather or flexible rubber, will indicate the winner. The wheel is slowed down by the pointer, which imparts friction by rubbing against the spokes.

The Money wheel refers to a variant of the game that is most commonly played in American casinos. There are different symbols along with two special ones: the logo of the casino and the joker. The symbols each appear only one time during the game. The players make wagers on the different symbols. $1 pays out odds of 1:1; $2 pay out 2:1; $5 pay out 5:1; etc. Everything depends on the casino or the local regulations of the game, but usually the logo and the joker's odds pay out 40:1 or 45:1.

The game's house advantage is among the highest within all casino games, though. In fact, in America, the house advantage ranges anywhere between 11.1% (on $1 bets) to 24% (on logos or jokers, if they pay out at 40:1). On the other hand, Australia's house advantage on all bets in the game is 7.69%, if played on a wheel with 52 parts.

The Variants

The game has a lot of different variants, some of which separate the wheel in different amounts of segments, and some of which use a lot of different symbols. Other variants of the game consist of different odds depending on the symbol that is selected, as well.

Variants of the game, which use different odds and symbols, are quite rare in America, though. One such variant, known as "Mississippi Derby", is played in Mississippi's Grand Casino of Gulfport, but only for a limited time.

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