Koło Fortuny

What is Kolo Fortuny?

Koło Fortuny refers to Poland's Wheel of Fortune, which first ran in 1992 and ended in 1998. It was revived in 2007 and still runs to this day.

Here, you can find out the one-of-a-kind differences between the Polish and American versions of this show.

The Polish vs. the American Version

A single Toss-Up puzzle exists along with three rounds prior to its bonus round.

Toss-ups are usually worth dishwashers or a hotel trip in Poland. The person who buzzes in first and solves a puzzle will win the prize. If wrong, however, another player can try to solve the puzzle.

All vowels are valued at 200 points, and need to be bought before the wheel is spun.

In round number one and round number three, a wedge is put onto the wheel with AGD on it. In every round, two silver or green wedges with the word Wycieczka is put onto the wheel. In round two, the featured prizes change from one show to the next.

Players that land on wedges, call the right letters, and instantly sole puzzles will win the prize. If not, they need to try spinning the wheel another time or have to purchase a vowel.

The AGD represents various home appliances valued at 5000 points, while Wycieczka represents bonus trips to places like Canary Islands and Italy.

Bankrupt costs a turn along with the money earned. Any previous money earned aren't affected.

With a stop, your turn will stop and the subsequent player gets a turn. Scores will not be affected, no matter what the circumstances.

In round two, a bankrupt wedge will be included onto the wheel. As with European and Filipino versions, falling onto the 10,000 place will earn the player regular spending cash. Because its worth is 10,000 Bankrupts are placed on every side, so it will be more difficult to hit.

There is a bonus round in the Polish version, which is played exactly like in its American counterpart. The player spins a small bonus wheel that is full of cars, cash and trips. The player gets several letters and choose three consonants and one vowel with ten seconds to figure the puzzle out.

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